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  1. White
    02/12/2019 @ 12:53

    We patriotic Southern Cameroonians Ambazonians do not trust the french Cameroon dictatorship genocidal regime,the only solution is to address the ROOT CAUSES which we firmly agree of our Independence, after 3 years of killing our people, burning their built villages which the regime I’m younde did not built,we will continue to fund,buy ammunitions fight to safeguard our communities from the lrc military brutality government,with all necessary equipments , bringing the regime down economically,so they can get the message as we the never again generations do no see Yaounde as Ambazonia government, without setting Sisiku & Co, Mancho free for asking for their Human rights,our determination of JUSTICE is more than their peace and one nonsense unjust french Cameroon of assimilation, slavery, injustices,prejudices and genocide


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