1. Emmanuel Etoke
    21/06/2016 @ 16:25

    What about giving the reasons for their incarceration and even the sentence against them? I think it makes this report better.


  2. Ngombe A
    22/06/2016 @ 04:30

    If you want details you can find them in judgements which are openly published. Most of these people were investigated for years before they were even detained. Many more, some serving as ministers are being investigated right now. So let no one claim they were simply arrested with no cause.


  3. adolf mccain
    16/08/2016 @ 05:34

    If they were arrested for what so ever let their assets to confiscated and put to use. Personal interest. If you get old , your organs dont work well so how you understand the system of the country. Embezzlement is good when the money is put or invested only in our country. 1870 Cameroon.


  4. Martial Ndoe Essono
    13/03/2017 @ 19:43

    Bullshit , you don’t know what you are talking about, as far as i’m concern i have never been prosecuted by the so called Criminal Court; I have been declared non guilty in 2007 and since then appointed Executive Marketing and Sales Manager of Sic and now retired;
    For your full information, The state of Cameroon paid me some good cash for all this and the fight is not yet over


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