1. Nto Denis K
    15/12/2016 @ 05:20

    Great idea


    • dango
      15/12/2016 @ 23:37

      Cameroun co cord. please write truth as related to southern cameroons. but we are not anglophones. we first are Africans. and our territory is been invaded
      and occupied by cameroun. we are southern camerooians. or ambazonians. there s no legal treaty or agreement that
      permits the presence of any neigboring states in our territory. soo we are neither anglophone nor a province of any one.
      If you dispute post a copy of your agreement here. if not stop call us Anglophones


  2. Nto Denis K
    15/12/2016 @ 05:22

    Great idea there. I’m one of the Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora. Your idea is great and inspiring indeed.


  3. John bul
    15/12/2016 @ 07:53

    The Govt has a lot to encourage diasporic development don’t also forget, Cameroon has one of the highest import duties in Africa if not the world, the Govt don’t allow individuals for example to construct or sponsor some public projects like Roads just to Mame a few. How then do you encourage them to repatriate their ideas or resources back home for the purpose of development .


  4. Racheal
    15/12/2016 @ 13:35

    Great idea, this will work well after our independence. A group or an individual is not allowed to fix roads or do improvement, they w ill tell you to give the money to the local council and you know where our hard earned money will end up. Corrupt people in place has to go.


  5. dango
    15/12/2016 @ 23:40

    Very poor journalism concord again.
    very low standards. lack of truth and professionalism
    The title should read. Southern cameroonians contribution back to their country southern cameroons aka Ambazonia.


  6. dango
    15/12/2016 @ 23:53

    Agbor tarh Rbai. The southern cameroons flag with the enemy camerounese soldiers you put at the top. you never
    explain. are you that conspicious?
    Dont you know we the older generations
    of Southern cameroons kmows far better
    that cameroun is a big time colinializer and a criminal state that must be fought eith arms? and you and other journalist’s are only paid mouthpieces? to water down our struggle.


    • Rev. Abanda Mongo
      17/12/2016 @ 00:41

      They cannot have two ironical pictures and paste trying to convince those with high appetite of feeding their enthusiasm by what they see or hear, forgetting to know that the success of a true struggle is birthed on the platform of conviction that is backed by unconditional determination that is controlled by facts. If it is true that those soldiers are holding the flag, where was that and when? That is Photoshopping. STOP manipulating over pictures post realities. We are ready to work with realities whether ther outcome is positive or negative. WE ARE DETERMINED. THE AMBAZONIANS.


  7. T.Sunny Bless
    05/02/2017 @ 10:49

    T.Sunny Bless.
    God is on our sides because we stand for justice. evil can never prevail over good. The LA republic government fail to understand that one with God is majority. my fellow southern Cameroonians prayer is a sure key to success. So let’s keep praying God while protesting peacefully hoping that Jehovah will fight for us in Jesus name


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