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  1. UncleLuc
    19/08/2016 @ 16:19

    President Poroshenko must first and foremost rely upon himself before expecting any external intervention from the west. Poroshenko must learn the mistakes of history, by avoiding Ukraine as a battle and testing ground for obsolete and worn out war weaponry especially from her so called western allies. Poroshenko must be reminded that whenever two elephants are engaged in fight the ultimate looser is the grass. which of course Is Ukraine,
    Be warned for Mr Putin has nothing to lose.
    The US can never risk any overt war battle with Russia all in the name of saving Ukraine. The EU either. Take special note and engage Mr Putin in meaningful dialogue and peaceful settlement for the map of Ukraine shall never ever be the same anymore. Period.

    Until then Ukrainian must know that war can never be the answer to lasting peace.

    Long live intetworld peace


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