1. dango
    15/12/2016 @ 23:48

    Sotey tarh agbor Ebai
    The lying journalists Even kindergarten
    kids knows ,that cameroun is a only a french speaking country. not trilingual or bilin any thing. who do you intent to decieve?You this agbor tarh .shame on you. .the liar journalust. the language of military.police.gerdames training and operations is french. lang of govt communications is french. the lang of media is french. trade french. diplimacy
    french. thats why this african new colozer is rushing to wipe out English-language
    in Neigboring Ambazonia. i thing you are
    paid to write lies and propanda about ambazonia. any one can quickly research
    all this on his own. on a computer. you dont have to be a journalist. shame


    • Davo D.
      19/12/2016 @ 00:03


      First of all, just writing with some hidden name is a shame on you… but I did not come here to insult you. I just want to state some facts here.

      If you are so pissed with the write-up, then I guess you need to read over and over what mr Agbor-Ebai has written here. Needless to say that you seem not to understand linguistic articulation or you simply are too ignorant and impatient to read with tact between the lines.
      You are both saying the same thing, but you, Dango in particular are just expressing orchestrated frustration which is quite uncalled-for.

      Do not bring your ignorance in public because there are more schooled and learned, and worse still, passionate and patriotic Ambazonians who remain standing with respect for the cause we are all fighting for. You need ample time to rethink what you wanted to say here.


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