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  1. Liberty
    23/12/2016 @ 19:57

    I think the Lawyers by now should know that Paul Biya and his government can go to any length to murder or render any one invalid. For all this time that the Lawyers’ gowns and wigs are in the possession of these murderers, have the Lawyers not at any moment consider that something sinister might have happened to those wigs and gowns. Let us see, what is it this time, has the government sprayed them with anthrax poison powder? Is it some other poison or biological weapons can slowly cause cancers or incapacitate you into some deadly illness you would never recover from? or are they some listening devices? To be fore warned is to be fore armed. Those wigs and gowns my brothers, are not the same you knew. Use your brains and never ever get those wigs and gowns back on your bodies. After all Ambazonia is here, you will have new wigs and gowns that glitter with respect. I have warned you.

    This is also a warning to all Ambazonians, be on your guard and be careful how you mix with these people. It saddened my heart when I heard that our representatives met with Baba Danpullo. Only God knows why the President of a country would rely on a private person who is not official in government to bring him the grievances of the people. Why didn’t that meeting take place on neutral grounds? Did they spray the chairs with any of the above? Well if they start feeling funny, and cannot perform well anymore, they should immediately alert others in the movement so they can be replaced by others. Our cause cannot die it must live on till we win.


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