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  1. Ayuk Arrey
    05/09/2020 @ 10:22

    Barrister Njong Henry Tita is a fraud and a dishonest man. He has been occupying our apartment at Buea Road Mutengene for over 7 years and regularly fails to pay his rents. For the past one year, Njong Henry Tita has not paid his rents. He has been issued a quit notice which has ignored. He has deliberately blocked his number: 677444857 as a means to avoid us. Barrister Njong claims that he has been active in reporting any injustice that he may notice anywhere but practices injustice. He claims to be a human rights lawyer but fails to respect the rights of his landlord to claim possession of his property. We have, however, taken legal actions against Barrister Njong Henry Tita.


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