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  1. Ekokobe
    10/04/2017 @ 21:56

    Mr Ekah raises legitimate concerns but fails to answer the burning questions put on the table by Southern Cameroonians. It is important for Mr Ekah to know that there is a colony of indigenes from Fako especially and Southern Cameroons in particular resident in Nigeria who refused to accept the union of LRC and Southern Cameroons who are looking forward to return home to their ancestral homeland of Southern Cameroons.
    Secondly,there’s so much hypocrisy in Mr Ekah’s commentary to suggest that Southern Cameroonians are unafrican or apologist neocolonialism for demanding their independence. The questio I have for you Mr Ekah is, how african is it to have your currency printed in the country of your colonial madter ,France?, how african is it to have to an overwhelming majority of your national leaders as citizens of the former colonial master like it is the case in Cameroun today.If Southern Cameroons and LRC share an “artificial border as you claim I will like you to name one naturally created african country whose borders pass the standard you are setting for Southern Cameroons .Mr Ekah,you have a right to share your opinion and make suggestions however,you must do so in good faith and a dose of intellectual honesty.Please let Southern Cameroons go it’s way and all those people from fako and Tombel who do not want to leave their families behind will be free to stay behind in their LRC.


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