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  1. Daniel
    13/05/2018 @ 08:25

    Thanks for that info. If GOD says yes, who can say no? And if GOD says no, who can say yes? We have been crying and crying for the bad things Lrc has been doing to us, but yet, and what is inside their minds is that “we are too small”. If we are too small in their eyes, then they should allow us alone to stay in our own land and value ourselves. When we joined them, the name was federal republic of Cameroon. They later named it United republic of Cameroon, and finally named it Lrc. Can you believe that many of our people have been killed by Lrc like Foncha just to wipe out our history and use us like slaves? These crisis started because they were trying to wipe out the English language and turn the country into a French country, as it became that you must speak French in offices in Yaounde before they get to you, then how can they say that the country is bilingual? WE HAVE BEEN CRYING FOR OUR RIGHT AND FREEDOM THAT HAVE BEEN CEASED FROM US, ISTEAD OF GIVING IT BACK TO US, Paul Biya and his government prefer to creat War against us. All the souls that have been killed cannot go in vain. Paul Biya and his government must regret forever and ever because of this War he launched against us. GOD is watching and Biya shall cry while regretting till the end of his life.


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