03/02/2018 @ 16:10

    It is a shame that the international community has not condemned the abduction and maybe execution of our leaders in strong terms. Africa can solve its own problems. Why have other Heads of States in Africa remained silent on this issue? They make gangster Biya look like an untouchable giving him the leeway to do anything he feels like he can do and go scot free as usual. It’s unfortunate for him this time because Mr Biya has to be held responsible for all his crimes against humanity and especially the people of Southern Cameroons. The Leaders of Southern Cameroons cannot disappear since 1/5/18 till date and the world is silent about it. These are human beings we are talking about for God sake. These are some of the issues that radicalize people who have never had even a traffic ticket. These are some of the instances where you leave your emotions completely to override your thinking and you become a slave to your emotions because you cannot comprehend something like this how Leaders who are very respectable people in their communities disappear and the world remains silent about it.
    Southern Cameroonians have gone more than beyond knocking on every door looking for diplomacy and lasting solutions to this problem but the world has ignored every chance of listening to these people. Almost every diplomatic mission on planet earth where you fine a Southern Cameroonian has been visited, but the world has ignored our cry and has remained silent therefore pushing Ambazonians to look for other options because the language of diplomacy has been misunderstood or deliberately ignored leaving Southern Cameroonians on their own. Southern Cameroonians are tired of hearing that the UN is closely monitoring the events in southern Cameroons. The time of monitoring is past because this genocide on the people of southern Cameroon is real. We need action and not just mere words because we have heard this for 57years and nothing has been done. Hundreds have died already and everyday people are dying in their numbers. Where the country fines itself today, this is unfortunately the next Rwanda in the making. The sad part about this is that, the world is waiting with an ulterior motive in mind to make something big in terms of money out of this. Just like they the world ignored Rwanda and millions were killed, Hollywood made millions out of this tragedy by releasing the acclaimed movie “HOTEL RWANDA”. The same world ignored Sierra Leone and Liberia and Hollywood made money out of that tragedy with “BLOOD DIAMONDS”, ignored the Biafra war and realized “TEARS OF THE SUN”. Southern Cameroons are certain that a” HOTEL AMBAZONIAN” is in the making someday by Hollywood.
    It’s time the world has to stand up and say enough is enough. STOP THE GENOCIDE IN SOUTHERN CAMEROON, RELEASE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS AND RELEASE ALL OUR LEADERS DEAD OR ALIVE. The people of southern Cameroons have endured this for too long. 57years and counting and the world is ignoring this. A stitch in time saves nine. Do something and stop the killings, stop the refugee crisis. These are human beings just like you. They equally have blood running in their system just like you do. When you throw a stone in a crowded market you cannot tell on whose head it’s going to land. It might be on the head of your mother. AGAIN DON`T HELP RADICALIZE THESE PEOPLE AND THEN WE HAVE SOMETHING EVEN BIGGER TO DEAL WITH IN THE NEAREST FUTURE.


    • MBAH ndangoh
      03/02/2018 @ 20:41

      you are right but do we have good and enough means to get this our ends.?


  2. MBAH ndangoh
    03/02/2018 @ 20:31

    regarding the warning passed by our interim government to the Buhari Government, if this warning is not respected, I don’t think it is right to attack the Nigerian government with weapons since this will result to a situation where Cameroon and Nigeria will join to fight the Ambazonias .We can recall that Paul biya and Buhari government have international relations particularly that of Boko Haram.


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