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  1. White
    23/08/2019 @ 09:50

    Paul biya has no legacy,he was French Cameroon puppet PM for 4 yrs, he is ruling for 40+ yet cannot show any developments in the entire country, millions of aspiring youths went abroad because in Cameroon there is no Human rights of freedom,the regime + military brutality + CPDM party movement elites have been holding all its citizens hostage for over 40 yrs, there in no job success without being affiliated with the cpdm,the military have made the people powerless, voiceless, frightful and untrustworthy, Southern Cameroonians will continue to fight untill they gain their independence by force with or without any mandate from the crooked AU,UN, independence is not given on a silver plate, every democratic developed countries fought and gained it, Ambazonia will be no different.


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