1. UncleLuc
    14/07/2016 @ 22:54

    That was a nice piece of memorial and historic slot worth applause. Unless that I disapprove the sales of our fatherland irrespective the circumstance. one thing is for sure cameroon is mightier than all of these hoo gloom put together. Just it took Moses forty years to liberate God’s children, so shall it come to pass in cameroon. No matter how long it takes the people of Cameroon must triumph come rain or sun.
    Lastly though open aggression and vigorous passive manifestation is not usually tolerated by the juntas it’must reminded that power and liberty is never given but seize. How Cameroonian go about it is a matter of wait and see. Until Mr Stoer more grease to your elbows. Kudos


    12/08/2016 @ 23:36

    nice one .but i dont think selling the country is the best think to do .secondly i dont agree with you when you include FRU NDI and the SDF with the others. we know very well that the limitted freedom of speech we have in this country is thanks to the sdf, what do you expect the opposition to do when biya has renderd voiceless?. politicise the media, arm force, render cameroonians beggers such that the least thing he does, the get into the street to thank him. my brother, we should have hope. it took mandela 30ys and dont forget how the reign of MUBUTOU and BOKASSA all ended. THEY SHALL ONEDAY PAY FOR EVERYTHING.


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