1. MBAH ndangoh
    30/01/2018 @ 07:56

    southern Cameroon revolution is not one person’s life but an idea that cannot be wipe but military action but by dialogue


  2. MBAH ndangoh
    30/01/2018 @ 08:05

    the extradition of the Ambazonia leaders by the Nigerian government to Yaounde for trial is not the end of the struggle.Courage to our brothers abroad doing all efforts to provide the best Means for our VICTORY.


  3. telleruniversal
    06/02/2018 @ 09:51

    Yes, we must remain standing and sure, together and forward with our eyes on the ultimate gaol.
    Though the Fulani sees our leaders as cows on which he can place a price tack, God knows they are his creation, so dear to him. Open your eyes and see God’s hand on this struggle. Every evil move is detected and diverted. God has made this struggle so sticky, it is messing up great names. So fellow Ambalanders, be still and see how God fights for justice.


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