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  1. Tamanjong Abassakom
    12/06/2018 @ 21:47

    Mr Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai, as a man on Ground Zero and a long time activist, having been to jail, more than once because of this cause, I would like to remark that your article is not helping to cause in anyway, If I can go by what you have stated about the home front, a situation I daily experience, I think much or all of what you say about our comrades Ayaba and oh Hebert are very inaccurate or out right lies,. I can swear that these our boys are the most disciplined in the world and do not come close to be as criminal as you portray them. I want think that we should rather harness everyone’s good points rather than villify them Please let us stop all this hate-provoking statements and look for better ways to forge ahead. Our enemy is LRC not our kith and kin.


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