31/05/2017 @ 23:39

    The so called suicide of His Lordship Benoit Bala is a hoax. Let la Republic tell the truth. Why did he not write the reason for hus act rather he wrote his whereabout? He must have been murdered and dumped in the river. Good home work for the security rather than going to Southern Cameroons to kill innocent souls.


  2. .Felico Atabong
    01/06/2017 @ 00:37

    I was about to blow my top on your article and would have thought someone else wrote this and not you, But fortunately like the true professional you are you end your report well “the so called suicide”.
    I remember the dead of Yves Plumier a broadcaster in Radio Ngaoundere claimed back then that the circumstances of his death were not known. Whereas everyone was shouting that he had been murdered . We know our country and we know the challenges that currently face us. Key questions remain unanswered. for instance why will a man who intends to commit suicide leave his house with his passport? It is unfortunate that the case will die down without any serious investigation trust me it is standard procedure of la Republique . In Africa crimes are ordered from the highest level of state and staged as suicide or accidents .


  3. _Chris_Ajua_
    01/06/2017 @ 14:54

    Bishop Jean-Marie Balla was murdered; and he is NOT the only one among thousands murdered by the CPDM murder, bribery and corruption syndicate with the tacit approval of the Biya criminal, brutal and repressive regime, chaperoned from and by France.

    It is guaranteed that there will NOT be any effective nor efficient crime scene investigation because, Paul Biya’s crime syndicates will do everything in their power to cover up the evidence and also to obstruct justice.

    The Vatican should count the number of Catholic prelates who have died in Cameroon and elsewhere under so-called mysterious circumstances or by suicide! And of course, the murder and torture continues in Southern Cameroons where our people live in absolute fear of La Republique du Cameroun’s state-sponsored terrorism.

    Let us watch and pray as we await the crumbling and fall of the regime of TERROR in CameroUn!

    God help us…


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