1. Asinganyi
    09/08/2016 @ 10:51

    There is something really wrong with Cameroon. A man steal monies since 2014, investigations takes two years, he is still allowed to go to Brazil, thereby bring allowed to steal more. Then, he is asked to report to frontier police on his return. Dies this not look and reasonably stupid? The man is being ask to abscorned from Justice simple.


  2. UncleLuc
    09/08/2016 @ 11:01

    It’s so frustrating and disgusting to note that almost every Cameroonian appointed to a post of responsibility ends up in the university of kodengue or new bell department. What exactly is wrong with our system that people have refused to live within their means.
    Here puts to question the authenticity of the so called fight against corruption. The Biya junta must apply another concept for the former is a complete fiasco.
    God safe Cameroon


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