1. Tina Nganda
    30/04/2017 @ 12:00

    This is a very clear sign that Biya has chewed more than he can swallow Few weeks after he visited the vatican, only to turn round and srab the Pope on the back. Wat stops the church from excommunicating al those perpetrators of thia abominable crime?


    • min hu
      02/05/2017 @ 11:46

      A government that never does anything in good faith is bound to fail just like the biya ewondo beti cpdm regime in Yaounde. Worse still is he fact that they keep confusing everything just like they have been doing for the past 34 years in power. The only thing they are all experienced in is corruption, arrogance, inefficiency and the list goes on and on. It was simple to understand that the government has failed to occasion a successful school year in the two southern Cameroons provinces of the North and south west rather than the catholic church which had prepared for its school year even earlier. But, because this government must do something that is similar to corruption, or trying to force unjustified money claims from the catholic church, just as it has usually reaped where it didn’t sow for the past 34 years, cheating, corruption, embezzlement heartlessness and inefficiencies have long replaced the failed motto of rigour and moralization of the cpdm declared in Bamenda years back. But, one thing we know is that, nor matter what things will never be the same in this peaceful Country of Cameroon, since, even without the Anglophone problem, Biya and his ewondo beti cpdm regime has always been preparing for war to counter anyone who may pose as a threat to them in power. An here Cameroon is. We can only cry the beloved country, for war will start only within the cpdm itself.


  2. Paula Nams
    30/04/2017 @ 14:41

    Hmmmm! The situation in Cameroon can make someone go psycho and punch himself on the face in frustration. It is so nerving to the point that, thinking about it will instantly elevate one’s BP. It’s just so sad and down right disgusting. Wonder what the “Powerful” people in power think about themselves and what they think about the rest of us. All I know and pray is that, God in heaven never goes on vacation. He definitely knows all what is going and He has a case file for ALL of us


  3. sono conte
    30/04/2017 @ 14:52

    The consortium of parents completely ignorant of the organisation of the catholic church never realised that by dragging the catholic church to court, they were dragging the pope to court. It would be interesting if the Bishops insist that the pope come and answer the charges himself as head of the Catholic church. Who would not be excited to see the pope in court in Bamenda answering charges?


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