1. Beatrice dohnji
    09/04/2017 @ 08:11

    TELL biya is not increasing millitary Force that fight what he calls terrorism as he himself and his regime are the first terrorist in cameroon. THOSE soldiers he is training will turn against him and his regime one day.


  2. ndolloz
    09/04/2017 @ 13:45

    it is a shame that the Cameroon military, full of weak illiterate men and women continue to keep the dictator evil regime in power for over 34 years, while holding the country’s development backwards, most of these armies take bribes from civilians especially on roadsides and arrested people in order to feed their families,the majority live in slum run down sewage areas with no water, electricity, good jobs, run down hospitals,they have no pensions schemes or adequate medical cover by LRC, they live a life style of poverty yet fight to keep a dictator, who pays them pittance wages, hope these young men will open their eyes and overthrow this wicked regime


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