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  1. Alhadji Ahidjo Biya
    08/08/2016 @ 11:59

    This article is bull shit! I just couldn’t read all of it. When will you people be educated and learn to deal with your own issues without the despotic and conditional help of the ‘grand daddy West?’ Are you not aware of one of the founding articles of the UN and article 7 of the UN Charter which asks member states not to interfere with the domestic politics of other member countries? So, if the Ambassador is quiet its because he respects that. Now don’t get me all wrong I am in support of the wrongs and ills of our country but I am against us always looking out for help and solution. For how long will you people be weighed upon by that beggarly attitude when you have all you need to make it out of the boisterous waters? There is no help coming from Europe or wheresoever. Only Cameroonians will solve their own problems. At least the Chinese have proven this to us and they are doing fine. So Mr Editor or whoever wrote this article renew your mind and stop bowing before the West even for matters concerning your conjugal duties and responsibilities. We are tired of all this “SHIT” of you looking up to the very devils who are bent on abusing our rights and see to it that we never make it in life…….


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