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  1. Rev.Gabriel Abanda
    28/01/2017 @ 08:57

    After a comprehensive review of historical facts relative to the relationship between Southern Cameroon and L.R.C., there can be no rational and logical end of the current crisis only total separation and full independence of Southern Cameroon. Any other resolution or solution will constitute a betrayal of those who have sacrificed their lives for the cause.
    Freedom is never without a price but it must be attained. There comes a time in this natural life that as a free human being with SOVERIGN rights, you must fight to gain your freedom, dignity, respect, honor and integrity because it will not be handed to you.
    This is the only window of opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to take their freedom. It is now or never. Only no violence or destruction of properties or the infrastructure.
    God Almighty is winning the battle for you. Only remain focused and united.


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