1. pete
    19/01/2018 @ 19:19

    Shame to US and co ,for calling for only dialogue while genocide is taking place with weapons supplied by them to a shit hole regime of Biya. I guess some people are happy to make money while South Cameroonians are dying in great numbers.


  2. Martin
    20/01/2018 @ 05:54

    Can the United States or African Union or United Nations or European Union or Britain invite Biya of la republique du Cameroun and the His Excellency Ayuk Tabe Julius of Ambasonia to sit down in a neutral country to dialogue? Simply calling them to dialogue is abject foolishness – that will never happen!!!! Please, invite them to a neutral venue so the person who does not turn up for dialogue is exposed for all to see. We are tired of being told to dialogue. Biya’s understands dialogue to mean kill, rape and imprison all Ambasonians. His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe understands dialogue to mean sit on a round table and sort out the differences between the two states and resolve them. As United States, UN, AU, France and British Commonwealth recommends dialogue, biya continues his killing spree of Ambasonians.


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