1. MBAH ndangoh
    30/01/2018 @ 21:23

    well, while struggling for fund raising around the globe, we have some natural resources in Ambaland which can be used as a tool to call for a group of fighters or strong nations to get this victory of seccession perhaps with the condition that they will explore these resources for a period of time. it’s an idear


  2. Eunice
    31/01/2018 @ 03:49

    You have to understand that the Anglophones are fighting a battle that is though. I spoke with a Fracophone friend of mine who said the are not supporting Anglophones because they do not want them to leave and that they will fight with their last breath to make sure it does not happen. She said the biggest problem Cameroon is facing is Paul Biya. I then asked why they haven’t come out to fight against him to make their point but she said they know that in order to hang unto power Biya will do anything and they are not prepared to see that level of bloodshed. They are prepared to wait unto Biya leaves and they think things will change. Cameroonians have to realise that France has held them bound and it will take the international community to speak against France to let go of their grip on African countries before such a movement can succeed. Biya does not care about the number of people who are going to loose their lives after all he is on his way out. I think economic sanctions will be better than an warefare. Boycott any thing French within the Ambazonian community. They should start consuming native brews and consume only things produced amongst their communities. Sabotage government institutions by siphoning as much money to do development and refusing to work in French establishments. They should giving away their tactics and work coordinatedly in one accord. Not factions like they do and let only those with foreign Nationalty to be in command from abroad since Biya cannot demand their arrest in foreign land. This man is evil and you play with fire if you play with him. He has the backing of France who will do everything to destroy anybody on their path.


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