1. Eunice
    02/02/2018 @ 06:15

    Please never show the faces of the freedom fighters. This is an evil regime in LRC. Never reveal your tactics. Let it be an underground movement. The fighters should go into bushes and never use mobile phones but people who physically go to and fro. None of the leaders should ever set foot in Africa but give command from their bases abroad. The capture of Ayuk Sessekou and co should serve as an example. The leaders should use decoys homes and media to send coded messages. Use only those who speak the same language and know each other to communicate. Sabotage everything LRC.


  2. Moh manyu
    08/06/2018 @ 18:13

    Yes she’s right. Let’s be smart and tactful. Ambizonia must be restored. There is no tuning back. Let biya kill all of us.


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