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  1. NSAM
    18/03/2017 @ 05:47

    By: C.NSAM
    It’s a pretty long time “Mwalimu”.
    My eyes however strayed last night on articles published by Bareta News and Cameroon Intelligence (Online edition) announcing your appointment as member of Mr Biya’s ambiguous bilingualism commission. My immediate reaction was to scan your blog, and appreciate your reaction to the appointment. So far (i.e. at the moment of scribbling this open note to you) I am still to know if you have accepted the appointment or not!
    Whatever position you take, the fact is that your name conjured memories of moments that I consider very key to the Southern Cameroons struggle. Consequently, you will permit me to pose a few questions to you “Mwalimu”!
    Do you still remember those days in Buea “Mwalimu”? The days we all passed around for a community of “Idealists”? Do you remember how we thronged the rocky streets of Great Soppo in Buea? Draining the last “33”dregs at “Olivia” after launching the front at “Gaston” or “Pa John” at Bolifamba? Those were great days! Great company! Great minds! How soon have the beautiful ones gone.
    “Mwalimu”, can you still recollect those days? The names? The people? Some of those people have gone ahead of us all – BB (Bate Besong-RIP), Julius Afoni (RIP), Teche (RIP). Some are still alive – Francis Wache, Anu Vincent, Barrister Charles Taku etc. Those were great days “Mwalimu”! Do you still remember them?
    Do you remember the famous Pamphlet (Book) launch at the Buea Youth Centre! I mean the launch that was organized to celebrate the Pamphlet you quickly published to “honour” Bate Besong (BB), who was pronounced ANA (Association of Nigerian Authors) Laureate – Drama Category for that year? Do you remember all of those hopeful eyes that flooded the Buea Youth Centre? Do you at all remember “Mwalimu”?
    Do you still remember the title of the pamphlet you wrote? – “Bate Besong or Symbol of Anglophone Hope?” Can you still remember the lightening sparks that came out of that moment – Simon Munzu’s words? Barrister Ekontang Elad’s words? Carlson Anyangwe’s keynote? Do you still remember “Mwalimu”? Do you even still remember that you were at the centre of the mobilization of the entire Southern Cameroons to this eventful moment? Do you still remember “Mwalimu?”
    Do you still remember that this was the moment that gave birth to the All Anglophone Conference 1 (AAC1)? Do you still remember this glorious newspaper headline that I casted after the Buea Youth Centre Pamphlet Launch – “IS IT NOT TIME FOR AN ALL ANGLOPHONE CONFERENCE?” Have you suddenly forgotten “Mwalimu?”
    Do you remember how old Dr Agbor Balla was then “Mwalimu”? Or have you also forgotten that “Little Agbor Balla” of the times then, is the now versatile, courageous, selfless leader of a struggle that you once claimed to stand for?
    Can you really tell me that you have forgotten “Mwalimu”? Have you forgotten that in those days, when the mantle seed of the Southern Cameroons, rocked and rattled, “Little Agbor Balla” looked up to you? Have you forgotten? Teacher, don’t tell me you have forgotten!
    Yes, “Little Agbor Balla” looked up to you. You were the great master of ceremony during AAC1 (Mount Mary); you were this articulate columnist in Kebila Fokum’s edition of “The Messenger”. Yes that’s who you were. Have you forgotten “Mwalimu”? Have you truly forgotten? So soon?
    I don’t want to believe that you have so suddenly forgotten, even though I have just stumbled upon reviews written by our contemporaries who believe that you have never ever been serious or genuine about your southern Cameroons chanting. Most of our contemporaries believe that you have always been the self-seeking schemer, nosing around and sniffing any opportunity that will swell your ego!
    Can you then prove them wrong by turning down this appointment “Mwalimu”? After all what is there in this club of gangsters that you can change? Or are you now one of them? Or you were already one of them as some of our contemporaries hold? Can you please disprove them? Can you show the world that there is nothing in common between you and sycophant greed eaters like Peter Mafany Musonge? Or have you grown to become one of them “Mwalimu”?
    Dear “Mwalimu” George Ngwane, truly I have not met nor seen you for a very long time. But I want to believe you are still a fervent Christian; 1John 2:4-6 echoes these holy words:-
    The Man who says, “I know him” but does
    Not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in
    him. But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly
    made complete in him. This is
    how we know we are in him:
    Whoever claims to live in him
    must walk as Jesus did.
    Is there anything in the Biya regime that has happened in the last 34 years of Cameroon’s tortured history that you can call truth “Mwalimu”? Is there anything that this man has done in the past 34 years of the history of the nation that you can place to define the love that he has for the country “Mwalimu”? What therefore makes you believe that your presence in this farce will change anything “Mwalimu”?
    Mr. Biya, and his disciples have told Cameroonians lies for 34 years today. There is no iota of truth in anything that has ever come out of his mouth since he assumed the mantle of power in Cameroon 34 years ago. That is why in all these years, one common factor has rest as the identity of his disciples – Lies!
    My dear “Mwalimu” George Ngwane, let me close with one more scripture from the book of Philippians 2:5-8
    “Your attitude should be the
    Same as that of Christ Jesus:
    Who, being in very nature
    did not consider equality
    with God something to
    be grasped,
    but made himself nothing,
    taking the very nature of
    a servant,
    being made in human
    And being found in
    appearance as man,
    he humbled himself
    and became obedient to death-
    even death on a cross!”
    I do recognize the cravings of man’s ego that causes us to lose reason, and even accept poisoned chalices as sweet incense gifts. Jesus Christ opens our minds to fresh scale of thought in this scripture; let us stay obedient to the truth, even when faced with the cross. For the glory that the Lord adorns us with will outshine the clustered dim of the wicked.
    “Mwalimu” I do rest my case; say hello to George Mofor, Barrister Ashutangtang and all those crop of young Southern Cameroonians who have always looked up to you. God Bless You.


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