1. Shadrak P.
    19/05/2017 @ 06:50

    Thank you for always writing your balanced report about the S. Cameroons problem. From the first paragraph, I always know the writer and may obviously critically analyze the conclusion.


  2. Belmondo
    19/05/2017 @ 14:30

    It is interesting to read these articles and understand how narrow minded are dome so-called African intellectuals.Political extremism can only lead to despair and confusion.
    Fortunately, not all Anglophone or Francophone Cameroonians share such unrealistic and apocalyptic views.


    19/05/2017 @ 15:59

    True ,It is time to sit up and accept that times have changed.Nothing more than this to bring the peace if only southern Cameroonians will sit on the same table with LRC.
    Big bros this a good article,you guys should help us ou, is rough home here.


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