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  1. Sunshine
    14/12/2017 @ 18:05

    biya understands only TERROR. He who terrorizes will be terrorized. If I were biya, I would have NEGOTIATED with Ambasonia. However, Ambasonia will not be bullied by tyrant biya. When biya sacrifices 3000 Cameroun soldiers, he will dream about talking to the Federal Republic of Ambasonia. We mourned and continue to mourn for our children killed during biya’s genocide of September and 1st October 2017 Independence Day. The Independent state of the Federal Republic of Ambasonia (FRA) is determined and will stand on her two feet. By calling Ambasonia terrorists, and declaring war on us, biya is trying to woo the international community to believe his lies. The international community knows better that biya the terrorist is terrorizing Ambasonia.

    The Truth remains the Truth. THERE IS NO UNION TREATY between Ambasonia (Southern Cameroon) and La republique du Cameroon (lrc). The UN, UA and EU will not speak that truth because they are ashamed of their incompetence. They have failed Ambasonia every time we complain about biya terrorizing a foreign country Ambasonia. The UN, AU, EU see us killed, raped, and imprisoned every day and they look the other way. Shame UN, AU, and EU!!!


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