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  1. Martin Douala
    10/01/2018 @ 13:33

    Evidently, a combination of the Biya regime and the Ambazonian leadership is a deadly mix. The scrapes in Nigeria illustrates how dialogue to the former means death to the latter. Need an honest Third Party like the United States/Canada or the European Union (Germany). “Le fief Britanique” as a French Consul in Buea once referred to Ambazonia in leaked documents has a new generation of US/UK/Nigeria/South Africa trained leaders whose political consciousness is indomitable and little appreciated by Yaounde. The credible solution is a self-determination *REFERENDUM* in Ambazonia given evidence of marginalization or recolonization of the English-speaking territory by French-speaking Cameroun using Napoleonic era edicts outside parliament; all in violation of the principles of decolonization (UN resolutions 1541(xv)) with the complicit silence of both France and the UK.


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