1. Cameroon: Additional suspects added in terrorism case against Anglophone activists | IAPL Monitoring Committee on Attacks on Lawyers
    24/03/2017 @ 05:47


  2. ndolloz
    24/03/2017 @ 15:50

    paul biya’s has created a banana republic,the regime has always been scared of people from the Southern Cameroon because they have vision the way the country should be moving and growing, unfortunately biya and his rotten men and women in bad politics have drag the country backward, the country is divided, it is in a very poor state of development, he has spent over 34 years of concentrating on marginalisation not development and unity, it was only going to be a matter of time before generations rise up, for many years, many greedy, selfish, weak,bribe taking an corrupt anglophones have sidelining with this dark, evil regime of LRC, for personal financial gains and higher positions within the government, now they have a bitter pill to swallow,the regime continue to use those illiterate police and army brutality on civilians, this is not the first uprising and oppression from a coward, terrorist dictator.


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