1. AG
    24/02/2017 @ 18:38

    Puppet praising his master. The rule of law doesn’t exist when anarchy reigns supreme under the CPDM crime syndicate and the people stand in objection. An unjust law is no law.


  2. Mathosian
    25/02/2017 @ 09:24

    The supreme Court is the first to failed. Failure to blame the master biya is an indication of the failed state. He complain about state failure but also failed to point fingers and call Biya’s regime directly to solved the problems of the masses particularly that of the anglophones inflicted by the majority Beti – Ewondo hegemony to the innocent english speaking Cameroons for theily largely selfish egos.

    Its time Biya himself hurriedly cleared the mess or for ever re great even in his grave


  3. freeman
    25/02/2017 @ 11:15

    your also be arrested one day by him as u did not mention the arrest of Ayah, infact there is no law in that country, no govenment official has ever mentioned the toture,rape etc of our poeple, talkless of an apology, well


  4. Eseke
    25/02/2017 @ 11:20

    This efforts and struggle lead no where if you ignore the rather unfortunate strength of voilence. Not the best tool to use but that is unluckily the most effective language African leaders understand. This is also the only strong signal the international community awaits before reacting.


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