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  1. Tanyi Thomas Ashu
    29/08/2016 @ 09:44

    That’s very true about this Chinese companies, even when you buy from them they give you receipts with no stamps that cannot be traced back to them, this is scheme to avoid tax controls.
    further more its not only the Chinese that are involve in this fraud, you also have the Lebanese and the Indians especially those in Akwa in Douala. I think its time our government takes its stand and let this foreigners know that Cameroon is not a place where any Jack and Jill would come and do anything and take our money away.
    Else I forget, we also have the churches, especially those whose head quarters are in Nigeria, huge sums of cash are being smuggled each year out of the country without this churches doing any substantial investment in Cameroon. All the money is being smuggled to their headquarters in Nigeria, what a shame in Gods name


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