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  1. ndolloz
    19/06/2017 @ 18:06

    excluding the Independent Ambazonias made up of the SW/NW regions only, the corrupt betti, slum regime is staging another fake cosmetic empty plan, for 56 years under this regressive regime with disgraceful death trapped roads and public transports, inadequate water and electricity supply throughout the entire country, slum living quarters,arrogant colonial greedy ministers with no progressive agenda,very poor technology, yet the government uses development funds to bribe individuals to kidnap protesters, spy on it’s citizens,fake matches organisers by some incompetent CPDM (Cameroon’s poverty development movement) which have dragged the country into a lawless banana republic,feeding their greedy bellies with as much bribes,bullying, torture tactics together with the military, police for decades, the regime has no real development to show for within all the regions and rural areas in the last 56 years as patriotic politicians


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