1. ndolloz
    13/02/2017 @ 16:06

    untrustworthy dictator,reshuffling is nothing new, from one embezzling, incompetent, betti thieve to the other, redressing underdeveloped country with unpatriotic empty words politicians, he can fly to France to a beautiful country by French politicians, shamefully he is incapable of beautifying his own mother land, still serving his slave masters in the 21st century, even the younger generation wanting change can see now and ahead


  2. Beatrice m.dohnji
    13/02/2017 @ 20:32

    There is no need.for them to start pretending now.they have had time fo 55 years to respect the conditions of which we united for.but did not abide to this.too late our blood has been spilt. Marginalization arbitrari arrest.tortures.enough is enough.


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