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  1. ndolloz
    10/04/2017 @ 13:23

    well said by Barrister Akere, everything within the francophone betti regime has turned the country into a banana republic, biya’s regime has appointed corrupt francophone thieves in the legal system where real justice doesn’t exist, many innocent people are locked up in jail for years without trial, some have bribed people of law to speed up their cases, unfortunately the bribery system is so complex with hierarchy lists so much so that nothing actually happens to the many innocent people, Cameroon is a lawless country controlled by arrogant, incompetent francophones in power who are very,dishonesty, full of deceit,embezzlement, corruption and bribery, they are abusing the position of biya’s lack of vision for the country to make their own financial gains and Laws, these bad practices are normal for the army, police and civil servants who keep him in power and feel they are the Law and untouchable


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