1. Belmondo
    02/05/2017 @ 23:38

    Mr Chinje has the right to make his own decisions. He is not blind. He is praised by many anglophones and criticized at the same time by others. So leave him alone.


  2. Paul
    12/05/2017 @ 20:33

    Mr. Chinje himself has suggested good ideas in this government which have never been implemented does he believes that today he will be listen to?My bro many people have much respect for you so stay away. Concerning this Anglophone problem people should be very careful because presently it’s an international issue.thank you


  3. Christian Nangah Fru
    17/07/2017 @ 08:28

    With all honesty if the writer had a little more clarity and balance, it may have been a good write up…the attitude and spirit of his message is extreemly dimissive and very assumptive.

    Making conclusive statements out of personal opinion, in this case his clear dislike of Mr Eric Chinje only exposes a serious or even worrying lack in balance and rationality. It is this very “know it all” attitude that Cameroonians are up against in the inner corridors of our government.

    The Anglophone problem is a well established fact, the strike is a very well understood reaction however action or words fuelled by unbalanced and miopic minds have become the biggest barrier to change, an issue that stems from the anglophone camp.

    When we have educated people like the author or this write up being so biased and unbalanced, the issue becomes more worrying.

    We must be free to express ourselves and allow best reason tie onto popular opinion and acceptance so that at the end of it all, the stongest and most wholistic resolve will emerge, one that will not be from any particular person but a sort of “base line” understanding based on several conflicting opinions just like the “base line” understanding that we have an anglophone problem never came from one person or group.

    So we should support every initiative or opinion, contribute to the discussion and promote a common solution which meets all interests within the anglophone community. It may be impossible to find one that meets all wants but we can surely find one that meets all needs and build from there.


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