1. mbah Eric
    10/03/2018 @ 20:45

    yes, from what Atanga Nji is accusing anglophones as terrorists who kidnappe ,rape girls of 13 years old, it’s true that when Africans were fighting for independence, some African’s brothers were collaborating with the colonial master to defeat their brothers.That not withstanding, some African countries still attained their objective although it was not complete.Atanga Nji!!!!!!!, Ambazonians will attain their goal in The name of Jesus Christ.


  2. mbah Eric
    10/03/2018 @ 20:55

    I can see that Paul Biya is using Anglophones to seize the victory of Anglophones by offering a packet of cigarette to Atanga Nji and others. May the lord forgives them for they don’t know what they are doing. Amen.


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