1. MBAH ndangoh
    01/02/2018 @ 13:09

    there is a term known as UNITY. this is what Ambazonians should base on for this struggle. looking at this term, I realized that some Ambazonians are collaborating with LA republic du Cameroon to corrupt the struggle. just last time a meeting was held in Douala by Generals of lRC to teache their security on how to be friendly to the people of Ambaland so as to get informations from them .I Will love to advice our Ambazonia fighters to collaborate with the people and trackdown those collaborating with LA republic du Cameroon Jim


  2. MBAH ndangoh
    01/02/2018 @ 13:47

    why should Buhari talk? when the technical Government of Cameroon as far as corruption is concerned visit Buhari in addition to the relationship compacting them via Boko Haram fight they are doing all to deal with.


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