1. Why so show cracks and give weapons to our opponents?
    29/01/2017 @ 20:17

    Why such divisive statements? It is absolutely not the time for name calling and sowing seeds of division and discord. Sorry to say but apart from the ‘original’ consortium leadership, those now present have given way to sensationalism, fear mongering and inaccurate information.

    Please we have come farther than ever before. Let us remain focused. Why bring up an interview from 1998 almost 20 years ago? We may have legitimate grievances and questions against some of our brothers and sisters but please…let us keep presenting a united front.

    The message we have is not consistent…the Consortium is advocating for a federal system of government and not cessation.

    Southern Cameroons/ West Cameroon is one, period!. There is no South westerner no north westerner, no nkwen, no bayangi, no bassa Anglophone, no Bakweri, no kom, no Bamileke anglophone! We are one! Learn from the past, make informed, logical and consistent decisions.

    We have come too far to fail. Do not display cracks in our struggle.


  2. Alan Wallas
    03/02/2017 @ 00:29

    I will first of all begin by thanking the participant that has commented above.
    I will like to warn the author and the publisher of this article. Whether you are a member of the Consortium or not, I find such a comment very regretting for someone who claims to be committed. The Consortium has done a good job and they continue to do so. But you should not think that the consortium is the only civil society that is up to the task of this struggle. I think you miss the point, the purpose and you do not seem to know what the priorities of the struggle are. How can you be accusing people for chosing a wrong path at a time when you should open the door for all to settle down and debate on the future of our great nation. I hope you have not been bought over


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