1. samuel
    30/08/2016 @ 21:31

    Please, make sure the information you give to your readers has been verified. You cannot post an article few hours ago and now you are saying a different thing. However, you have doing a good job.


    • soter
      30/08/2016 @ 22:19

      We reported the story as it was developing! Now the news item has taken a new dimension!! We now want you our readers to pass your verdict so we report it as were get it!! You are the judge!! Thanks and keep reading


  2. UncleLuc
    31/08/2016 @ 09:03

    Though disgusting and unspeakable, but the question is did the Egyptian football authority not think of something else but HIV sabotage to the ambitious Cameroonian star. As a nation, it’s now the time for the Cameroonian football federation to engage in such a challenge, if not for anything, but to safe the grandeur of our compatriot whose future is about to be destroyed, by some unscrupulous group of people. fecafoot, Caf and fifa including Uefa must engage in such act of unsportmanship so as rescue the honour and prestige champion by the game of soccer irrespective of the circumstance.
    Meanwhile I suggest the victim should also consult other competent health centres for further health checkups prior to any arm twist of fight of titans.
    Until then any verbal accusations and/or counter accusations might be futile.
    Kudos to the good work of your media.

    Uncle Luc
    Dev’t expert and international relations


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