1. Peter Igwacho, Ph.D.
    20, June 2016 @ 20:38

    It is very difficult to see how a handful of people who do not really represent the will of the people, work on such a sensitive document like this one.The grass root again are the most hit by these laws.

    Look at some common societal problems where someone is killed, alleged to have stolen. Did this code address things like that? What about mental health issues in criminal justice. How has that been addressed in today’s Cameroon.
    The code is not a punitive document per se, but a rehabilitative piece.
    I am embarrassed when honorary men bring issues of wedlock into the penal code, which is a civil matter. This is nonsense.Take that to the Welfare Department and let individuals pay child support and things like that. Please, take this code back to the drawing board and address these concerns.


    • Emmanuel Fonsa-Etoke
      21, June 2016 @ 15:19

      Are these parliamentarians working for themselves or the people? This is a joke! How can they justify jailing a tenant for not paying rents when (even government) workers go for months/years without salaries? Some business people decide when to pay their workers or don’t pay at all. Now how do they get by or pay rents?

      More so, how does somebody’s infidelity to his/her spouse, homosexuality concern the state? Do these clowns, the so called parliamentarians don’t have something serious to do?

      There are other serious issues that are important to the Cameroonian people. Health care, access to potable water, uninterrupted electricity supply and more importantly impeaching the president for abandoning office are some of the things that interest the Cameroonian people. Not having an affair outside marriage. By the way, are these guys really serious?

      Cameroonians should be looking at the principle of subsidiarity as the best way forward to get back their country from the tyrants because centralization has been an abysmal failure.


  2. afoakom
    28, June 2016 @ 20:50

    That is what you get for training law makers in abnormal schools – called “ecoles normales” – nothing to do with anything Anglo-Saxon. Expecting the French-trained minds of the rulers of the Cameroons (Yes, they all speak French), to make laws that have any logical sense to the English-speaking population of the Cameroons, is like waiting for a chicken to lay an egg that will hatch a duckling. Will never happen. ijaah iku tum!


  3. ATTIA ATEGHA oscar
    29, June 2016 @ 17:11

    Cameroon is a banana republic!We should not shy away from that fact.One person sitting in Etoudi or in Switzerland and makes all the rules for everybody to follow.Infidelity is something that should be channeled to the social department to handle.
    The rulers of this primitive, dictatorial regime understand fully well that Cameroonians are sick and tired of everything about them.So they are now bringing up social issues that can impress the common man and leave important issues like A CAMEROON WITHOUT PAUL BIYA.
    We understand all of their tactics,and this one is called delaying tactics!


  4. Mbella Mbella
    8, February 2017 @ 18:05

    The Strike continue… Ghost town 10th and 11th February 2017.


    9, February 2017 @ 07:44



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