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  1. UncleLuc
    15/07/2016 @ 09:40

    What goes around turns around. Cameroon is a country and not an estate own by some few persons. Just like the father did to others some should also taste how it works. President Biya has given her that she deserves so there’s no need for much debates. After all it was his father not she who had whatever relationship with. She now has the chance to build for herself all that she crave. There are millions of other Cameroonian sons and daughter who do not have such opportunity. By the way, have the Cameroonian public realised that in spite all the president hasn’t appointment any of his kids to any posts as is case in other Africa countries. Guinea Equator, Uganda, Togo, Gabon etc. This lady and her following should not distract the the Cameroonian people for there are even more important themes to be worried about. Until then Good blessed Cameroonian.


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