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  1. jonathan Ngwa
    1, May 2019 @ 09:20

    I think this is a very poor and wrong assessment of the Interim Government influenced by your disappointment that you were not officially invited as you disclosed earlier in the write up. Whatever it is, you see the the IG from a very narrow perspective. For those of us very close to our LGAs and Counties we see it differently. The little we have so far accomplished in the devolution of power as initiated by the IG has been having a very positive effect in the over all struggle. Though this part of the struggle is still in its infancy we are catching up. Hopefully when areas many would have attained the level of Mezam and a few others who have completed a setting up their County leadership committees, the next step will be to see how smooth the relationship with the Central government will be. However your focus on Dr. Sako as if he commands dictatorial influence over members of the IG is wrong. If you say other members of the cabinet don’t have any respect for him you are singing a song many people have sung before you – which is similar to that of the man who was taking a donkey with his son to sell in the market. When he rode on the donkey alone people complained, When h decided that the son should ride it a lone they still complained; when both of then rode on it these people still complained. The decided to carry the donkey and the people still complained. They then decided to give a deaf ear to these complaints. You just complained that Dr. Sako came with many body guards. But how many is too much here? About respecting Dr. Sako by the other members of the IG. have you forgotten the proverb that he who pays the piper calls the tune? When people come up with this kind of complaints I take it as dishonesty because even though He is the AIP is there any way he can demand and get respect from the other members if they don’t want to give it to him? There are many people who have been selected into the IG who pledge to work to the best of their ability. They are not on salary and even if they were, is the IG structured in such a way that suspension of salaries could be used as a threat to induce better performance? Before we try to be “rational” in judging Dr. Sako and even other members of the IG, we should be try to be a little bit understanding to accept that members of the IG are under no enforceable rules and regulations to force them to do many things. Its impossible to set up such rules and regulations and enforce them on these individuals. Maybe you might be that exception to be honest to yourself in performing your duties if your were part of the IG. I also think I would be. But the difference between you and I is that I understand that not everybody would be like you and I. No matter what I still give thumbs up to the IG. They have succeeded to earn the great support from GZ and that is what really matters.


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