1. Tanu
    10, May 2018 @ 18:51

    Dear comrade. Thanks for your statement. Could you please explain to the public in which way Cho Ayaba & Co prevent the IG from fighting for the liberation of Ambazonia? Where is it written that all other defence groups are obliged to take orders from the (self named) IG? In a Liberation fight, every group/person could contribute to success without taking orders from another group/person. The IG as well as any other movement could only attract many followers through conviction and not by force.


    • soter
      10, May 2018 @ 21:20

      You have not read this report properly


      • Onjorika
        7, August 2019 @ 19:40

        Does attacking other freedom fighters not show his bad intentions. Do you omit the details of the story? This guys is a criminal only looking for his own interest. Go read the story again please.


  2. Emmanuel Agbor
    11, May 2018 @ 06:09

    You have hit put a square peck in a square hole.
    Thank you for building the courage to speak out this truths. Please continue with this good work
    Emmanuel Agbor
    Activist from Manyu County
    Indigene of Southern Cameroons.
    Resident in Norway


  3. jonathan Ngwa
    11, May 2018 @ 08:43

    How can any struggle go under a chaotic arrangement? When talking about the IG everybody saw the steps that led to the creation of the IG The IG is not a one man creation and so it is legitimate. Boh Herbert single handed created his own group called MORISC and then invited people to be part of it. People want positions and since not everybody could have a position in the IG anything that offers them one is welcome to them.. Cho Ayaba did same calling his AGC and invited people in. Without Boh Herbert there will be no MORISC. Without Cho Ayaba there will be no IGC because they own those organizations. Nobody owns IG. The Southern Camerooons people do. If the IG does not perform well we have to fix it. We cannot abandon it. It did not create itself or rests on the shoulders of any one individual. People trying to distance themselves from the IG are simply deceiving themselves because the IG is the only group owned by all of us. Will Cho Ayaba surrender leadership to whatever group he forms with Boh Herbert? No way. Do these guys look like that want anybody but themselves to lead anything? No way. I am not here to claim that the IG is perfect. It is run by volunteers who might not neccesarily possess the highest professional quality but that might be all the IG can afford since they cannot recruit just anybody they want. But MORISC and the AGC will be far worse because if Herbert is not kept as leader in his group, he will find a means of controlling it from the background. That will go same with Cho Ayaba’s so called AGC.


  4. Nyangkwe Agien
    11, May 2018 @ 14:52

    The name callings is not healthy excercise. In all movements be they liberation, political or other associations there are always disagreements. People should learn to sit down and talk when they disagree without which Biyaism is having its way

    Nobody gains in these garrulous skimishes


  5. Agbor Derrec
    13, May 2018 @ 10:16

    This author has no mastering of the basic reality of the Ambazonian Revolution. His write up is more of a publicity and a piece of scrap note from the colonizers intended to foster divide and rule rather than a piece of literature intended for edification and guidance for the Ambazonian struggle.

    He futher write and instruct his readers on what to do there by leaving them with no chance of appreciating his work and drawing personal conclusion.


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