1. Daniel Kuma
    8, October 2018 @ 22:06

    As Mr Kamto has won the election, I believe that peace will return to the country, making Cameroon to remain one and indivisible. I like Mr Kamto’s victory because he is going to change Cameroon to be like USA in Africa. GOD bless Mr Kamto for having won to stop the crisis in our country. Long live Mr Kamto, long live Cameroon.


  2. Roseline Jipuku Ngeh
    10, October 2018 @ 13:05

    This is one of Prof kamto militants who use to leave in Douala but presently in south west . Congratulations our incumbent president . I most day you are a solution to this nation . May the almighty Good grant you enough wisdom to pilot the affairs affairs in this nation successfully. God bless you our honorable president . We count much you Prof and we remain strongly behind you for your success.God bless you.NB I am wishing to take up MRC party here in the south west fully , and to spread out our ideology and win many militants. Thanks you sir.


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