1. Tamanjong Abassakom
    12, June 2018 @ 21:47

    Mr Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai, as a man on Ground Zero and a long time activist, having been to jail, more than once because of this cause, I would like to remark that your article is not helping to cause in anyway, If I can go by what you have stated about the home front, a situation I daily experience, I think much or all of what you say about our comrades Ayaba and oh Hebert are very inaccurate or out right lies,. I can swear that these our boys are the most disciplined in the world and do not come close to be as criminal as you portray them. I want think that we should rather harness everyone’s good points rather than villify them Please let us stop all this hate-provoking statements and look for better ways to forge ahead. Our enemy is LRC not our kith and kin.


  2. Ndambu Moore
    20, June 2018 @ 05:58

    Mr Agbor Ebai, after reading your article, i can say with mathematics precision that you are a disgrace to journalism and an agent of La republic and a sell out of our revolution. You are a heartless beast telling all these lies to the world about our bravest warriors whom are most dreaded by the french army.


  3. Warrior
    24, June 2018 @ 12:25

    Today I came to the conclusion that Sorteh Agbor Ebai is an ethnocentric tribalist else why did you carefully carve out the vocal critic of the IG Akwanga from the Southern zone and threw the graffis Ayaba and Boh under the bus? You are the idiot that regularly report to CRTV on request and collect your payment after every session not this warriors. Disgraceful journalism littered with hate and fiction.


  4. Abigail
    25, June 2018 @ 12:19

    The truth should be revealed as to who is abducting, maiming, killing and exploiting those supposed to be protected. Children are not allowed to go to school. Its been two years. What will become of a country without educated citizens?


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