1. Devarcadas Mc Lauren
    6, September 2019 @ 07:32

    I am very sorry for this publication. In the South West only North westerners who are living there commits atrocities. Not going to school does not mean ambazonia is gaining the ground. Lie. It is just of the tortures, kidnapping and so on that people are afraid to go out . but they have understood that better la republique than ambazonia.
    Wipe your ears and hear fine.


  2. White
    6, September 2019 @ 08:31

    This report is accurate, Ambazonians are united as one people against the untrustworthy genocidal regime whose slave elites tried to bring old tactics of divide SW NW which failed flat on their worthless evil faces,lrc Anglophones are as untrustworthy as the biya and his regime, Ambazonians know their history, cultural way if life which is non lrc,those in denial must know that, nothing will prevent Ambazonians from gaining their sovereignty,dignity as a people, the IG is the only government for Ambazonia,lrc can bring all its BIR, mercenaries from outside, we shall fund, fight for independence,our exploited resources in 59 yrs are being used to develop Yaounde, Douala while our towns, villages are being decimated by a tyrant foreign colonial puppet regime which did no developments,this never again generations will continue to expose lrc genocide internationally, crumble their economical means from our resources,empty their coffers,any negotiations with lrc will be for sovereignty,our people must have Human rights of freedom,control their own finances education & courts,develop their regions independently,lrc will never have peace,there can never be peace without JUSTICE


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