1. jonathan Ngwa
    19, December 2018 @ 11:32

    Please our Dear Ladies of the struggle, We feel your pain and concern, but let me go straight to the point. There is nothing like front line leaders. That is a misleading description of the different categories of self made activists. The Struggle has evolved to a terminal point where a Restoration Council has been formed. This Restoration Council is the only available non partisan organ that can take decisions for the struggle. Call it what you want. Just like the IG, the Restoration Council is that forum where decision making is carried out. Is there any other way general and unified decisions can be taken apart from forums like that? So what else do these so called front line leaders want? Every other idea will boil down to a forum like that. Like I mentioned above the IG is that organ or structure which executes the decisions from the Restoration Council. No matter what we do we always need such a structure. So why not use the existing one while improving on its effectiveness? Do we have to waste time tearing down only to rebuild another same structure? But these so called leaders will never tell you their real motives because they are ugly. The truth is that all they want is to head one executive position in the IG because that corruption disease they inherited from LRC has tunneled their vision to see all cabinet positions as money making opportunities for themselves. If these people really want to serve, the Restoration Council is the right place to do that since they will take the decisions, establish the rules and supervise the members of the IG. Is that not a more honourable contribution to the struggle? No, all they want is where they think they can control a budget. We must not let that disease start eating up our new nation. We must stand firm to put an end to that even if we have to step on some toes for that to happen. They are happy to be glorified with the prestigious description – FRONT LINE LEADERS.Who are they leading? Who do they represent but themselves? They can only claim to be representing us when they become part of the Restoration Council sent there by their various Counties of origin. Let them fight to be part of that enlarged Council. That is only when we know that want to serve us.


    19, December 2018 @ 13:30

    Let Mr NGWA note that the Front Line Leaders which he condemmed today,stated from some where and are now cut short of their dreams for reasons we know.So if the RESTORATION COUCIL,which he so much cherised can give what the southern cameroonians or the Ambas so much desired then the better.We need but a way forward and or good decisions from the Restoration of the Amba state.


  3. jonathan Ngwa
    19, December 2018 @ 17:12

    Infact you are very correct Mr Ayamba. That is exactly what I am saying. But these people glorifying themselves as front line leaders have only one objective – to hold cabinet positions. But if they could have put more energy to make the Restoration Council more powerful – even more than the IG, that is when we would have known they are leaders. I don’t want to dwell on that issue of which people started when but I am condemning their actions and not fact that they are activists. We know of people who started very long ago when some of these “front line leaders” were not even born. Do you think I don’t respect and appreciate their contributions? I do. But its the disruptive attitudes of most of this generation of leadership that bothers me a lot.


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