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    15, September 2018 @ 05:13

    Asking The Cameroun Government to investigate their crimes against humanity does not make any sense.How can you ask a criminal to investigate him/herself?

    How do you expect children to attend school in an area that is at war?Remember President Paul Biya was the first to orchestrate violence that led to the death of many Southern Cameroon unarmed civilians.Thinking he will instill fear in the people Southern Cameroon to stop their peaceful protest,he resulted to declaring a civil war against them claiming they are terrorist.

    To end this conflict,The UN Human Right Commission should convocate both The Cameroun Government and known Representatives of Southern Cameroonians not excluding those at the diaspora who have not stopped encouraging The Southern Cameroon Restoration Force on ground zero to act in self defence to the cruel actions of Cameroun military on unarmed Southern Cameroon civilians.

    This negotiation talks should be held on a neutral ground out of La Republique du Cameroun and The UN Trustee Territory of Southern Cameroon.


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